Why Counselling?

Counselling is a form of professional,qualified support.
Do you feel as though other avenues have not worked?

You are not where you want to be in life?

You are in crisis or turmoil and you don't know where to turn?

Are you here looking at support for a friend or family member?

Have you reached crisis point?

Do you just want to stay as you are,but need to talk things out once in a while?

You want to know how to tap in to abundance?

What is it about?

 It IS about enabling, faciltiating and supporting you, the individual to come to meanugful understanding, healing and resolution.
This is where the power lies, this is where I  will help you to tranform,.

Working with a non judgemental approach.
 Held with empathy and a deep sense of awareness. 

Celebrating your transformation of a life in the positive.

Move forward,through those grey
clouds, to blue skies.
How can you help?

  Whether you are in crisis right now, or would just like to talk things out. Let me show you the power of Therapy.
I can help you to understand and use the power you have within you.
WoW Therapy-

It's all about the power within YOU.

Natasha is the founder and passion behind WoW Therapy and Natasha Clewley Counselling.

Natasha thinks that therapy is awesome,limitless and vibrant.

Natasha Also thinks this about people.

Natasha works to change the way therapy is delivered, experienced and thought about

Therapy is a serious matter, but it doesnt have to be dull.


 I'll be discussing things which I might find interesting whether its stages of grief, how to cope. Or posting inspirational videos from around the world that I love!!!
 Its all about inspiration station , keep an eye!
The possibilites are endless and abundant.

Words of comfort- by Natasha 
Let me help you navigate back to blue skies and positive experience. There is always a way.